870.Trades - TOS

1) Be Kind and Respectful of Others.

No personal attacks or harassment will be tolerated. Do not harass, argue, insult, troll, or use demeaning or offensive language. Refrain from swearing, discussing politics, religion, race, sex, or anything not related to the markets. Avoid policing others or direct confrontations with abusive users. Remain humble and do not target others that may not be as experienced as you. If someone is being abusive, please report them to us and they will be muted.

2) Minimal Extended Off-Topic Chatter During Market Hours.

Trade ideas, entries/exits, market headlines, market commentary, charts, watchlist’s, observations, and data are all welcome. Anything shared should be in the benefit of others. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. Random chat and questions are fine, we just want to keep things in perspective.

3) Don’t Push Your Position On Others.

You are free to share your position, your entries, exits, opinions, observations in #frisky-n-risky, but do not push your position to others or suggest that others follow. Please specify your reasoning behind any ideas where possible.

4) Don’t Bash the Position or Trading Style of Others.

There is more than one way to make money in the market and your way is not the only way. If you disagree with someone’s style, position, opinion, please only respond in a respectful way or keep it to yourself.

5) Don’t Spread Fake News.

Purposely posting fake headlines, manipulated screenshots, or rumors is strictly prohibited. Include a source wherever possible which may be abbreviated or a link. If something being shared is a rumor, please specify it as such or notate it as being unconfirmed.

6) Don’t Spam.

Don’t spam messages or post back-to-back one liners. Post as much of your message as possible within a single post so you don’t flood the chat.

7) Don’t Post Inappropriate Images at Any Time in #general chat.

The use of images is strictly for sharing charts, data, and info-graphics. Please keep things professional. Please limit posting gifs, memes, or anything that may be distracting to other users. Sharing of any NSFW(not-safe-for-work) or profane content is strictly limited to #the-hotbox.

8) Don’t Solicit Users.

Do not share or promote your own for-profit, paid, non-public services or websites that you are affiliated with. Do not promote, share, discuss, or suggest the use of competing services or trading groups within the community. The use of the chat to solicit members for any reason is prohibited.

9) Copyrighted Material.

Don’t share premium(paid) data from external sources including screenshots, non-public links, documents, or copyrighted material which you don’t solely own, have permission to, or are licensed to redistribute.

10) Don’t Post in All CAPS.

Do not use all caps other than for stock SYMBOLS or market headlines.

11) Be Responsible of Your Own Positions and Actions.

Do not rely on other users. Do not blindly follow the positions of any users without accepting complete responsibility for any outcome. Information provided and opinions expressed within the chat do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such.

12) Privacy.

Please do not share any personal information in the chat room including phone numbers, addresses, or any other personally identifiable information. Anything posted in the chat room is viewable by everyone.

Violations/Blocking Users/Other.

Violating any of the chat rules will result in a 24 hour restriction without warning. Continued violation will result in an indefinite restriction from participating in the chat room. You will still receive your signals, but will not be able to participate in chat. The public chat is not intended for customer support. For customer support, please contact us via the #support channel. If you wish to have a more involved support session, make an appointment with one of our staff.

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