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There are, inevitably, going to be losses. The key is to lose less on those than you gain on winners. With that being said, Homegrown Investments LLC and 870.Trades will not hold any responsibility for loss of capital while using these services. Any and all trading is taken on with the risk of lost capital. Use information provided at your own risk and ensure use of proper risk management as well as risk tolerance towards your account and margin requirements with your broker. We are incorporated as investment advisors but are not currently licensed professionals. Opinions and trade recommendations on this server\website are solely our own, and we advise all individuals to understand the risks involved with trading options. We encourage every trader to do his or her own research prior to entering any trade, and ensure they understand all the risks involved. Investments in the stock market, and especially in options, are speculative and can involve substantial risk. Options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. We are in no way guaranteeing success on these trades, and will allow the results to speak for themselves. Our clients results can be viewed live under testimonials.


Full access trials will automatically charge your card that's on file after its completion. If you wish not to continue, simply cancel your membership before the card gets charged. We will not offer you a refund if you fail to cancel the subscription, as you are given ample time and opportunity to do so. This is an automatic reoccurring subscription, meaning your card on file will be charged the same time on either a weekly or monthly basis (depending which package you signed up for). We take no responsibility for additional charges on your card. Homegrown Investments LLC and 870.Trades publish proprietary information and reports regarding companies in which we believe our clients will find useful and our reports reflect our utmost opinions. Unfortunately due to these reasons, we do not offer refunds after a purchase of our subscription has been made. You may manage your subscription at anytime from our user control panel. Homegrown Investments LLC or 870.Trades Staff will not be held responsible for managing your subscription for you. Given the fact that it is your responsibility to manage your account, refunds will not be issued if your card is charged.

No Contest/Right to Ban

By paying and signing up for 870.Trades you agree there will be no contest or infringement upon any data received in this server. This includes but is not limited too: signal poaching, watchlist poaching, news poaching, or poaching of any proprietary material within 870.Trades server. Infringement upon any of this data is subject up to a $2,000.00 restitution fee based on the severity of the infringement. By signing up for this service you authorize that in the presence of ample evidence your payment method can and will be charged for violation of these terms. I reserve the right to ban or remove anyone in the server with or without refund if I feel they are showing signs of contest within my server. This includes but is not limited too: advertising other services, mass messaging users, reposting my content or content found within the server, or reselling anything within the server. Mind you, this will only be carried out when sufficient evidence can be provided to substantiate the claims being made. I reserve the right to remove or ban anyone at my own discretion so long as the proper steps have been made to insure your unused time has been refunded or executed in a beneficial manner to you. Removing or banning pre maturely can be from a number of reasons and don't have to be specified. More times then not if you get removed prematurely, then you have shown signs of morale lowering within my server. This will not be tolerated. Keep emotions to yourself.

You have been warned.

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